Compétences, un objectif à atteindre dans la formation : est-ce possible dans un contexte éducatif traditionnel ?



Develop skills in the training process requires reviewing not only programs but also educational organization, learning materials (textbooks), practices and initial and continuous training of teachers. Focus on the only change programs to improve the education system can even be an impasse as shown by our teacher survey concerned about the feasibility of the physics program of the final year science class developed in the framework of the competency-based approach (CPA). It appears from this survey that the main problems in the acquisition of knowledge are first in the application of programs within the allotted time in the training and preparation of teachers remains insufficient rather than content. In this paper we will try to highlight the ambiguity of the term, which present in the educational world, thereby justifying our questions about the necessity of the application of this approach to learning, having held the constraints it presents.


Approach skills, program, investigation, enforcement

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