Contribution à l’étude des difficultés dans l’apprentissage des systèmes asservis



The work presented in this article gives an account of the origins of the difficulties of the Tunisian students of terminal of the section "Technical Sciences" in the learning of the enslavement of the technical systems. The interest is focused on the way in which students construct the concept of enslavement and regulation to be able to operationalize them on different technical systems and distinguish between those who are enslaved and those who are regulated. Interest is also focused on the origins of the difficulties encountered by students in the work of constructing functional diagrams. In this article, we present the results of a questionnaire pre-survey of 100 students in 6 high schools in the Tunisian capital. The analysis of the students' questions and answers enabled us to characterize their difficulties. This work constitutes a first part of a larger work that we envisage, in perspective, to propose a teaching-learning situation of remediation based on a didactic engineering based on numerical simulation.


Block diagram, regulation, servo control, technical system

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