The European students’ perspective of digital teaching and learning in Higher Education

Stefania Capogna, Maria Chiara De Angelis, Francesca Greco, Flaminia Musella


The increase in the use of online training connected to the pandemic emergency has highlighted, as
never before, that Higher Education Institutions have to deal with the digital revolution, promoted by
the European Community since 1998 from the so-called Bologna Process. This work illustrates the
results of the students’ survey of the “Empower Competences for Onlife Learning in Higher Education”
(ECOLHE) project. the project aimed to investigate the transformation processes and of developing
practices of higher education’s digital teaching and learning in several European countries. The
research project was based on the hypothesis that the availability of technological infrastructures does
not grant an efficient and effective use of ICTs by professors, students, and researchers.


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