Usage des technologies en mathématiques à l'école maternelle et connaissances professionnelles des professeurs



Integrating technology in mathematics implies for teachers designing new situations. Designing and implementing teaching units with these resources, in a fruitful way, is complex. It probably implies that these resources, along with teachers’ practices and professional knowledge, evolve. In this paper, we explore these aspects. Our research is based on the work of a group involving researchers, trainers and teachers, the MARENE group. This group develops sets of resources (software, tangible material, scenarios) for teaching numbers in kindergarten. I study the documentation work of a teacher who belongs to the group, implementing several sets of resources. I examine how she uses these sets and seek to determine the contribution of these uses to teacher’s professional development. Our theoretical framework refers to the documentational approach.


Documentational genesis, mathematics, professional knowledge, resources, software

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