The era that protons were gendered. Women in the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Athens (1922-1967) (full text in Greek)

Panagiotis Kimourtzis, Vicky Sigountou


Increase of female presence in university positions (academic teaching, laboratory and research) was slow paced on an international level throughout the 20th century. This under-representation, as well as conditions of female participation in universities, has been the focus of intensive research during recent years. Thus, research aspects of the scientific presence of women have been gradually formed for countries, universities, colleges and scientific fields, contributing towards a more comprehensive image. This article attempts to support the gradual completion of this effort.

The first women appear during the period in question, in the Mathematics and Natural Sciences Faculty of the University of Athens. Women entered the “ivory tower”, through difficult conditions and circumstances, often with many restrictions and interruptions. Every step of this unprecedented process is of particular value. Therefore, examining this not only provides insights into how women became academics, but also allows for critical interpretations of general conditions that still shape the identity of the mathematics and natural sciences academic community.

Examination of the appearance of these first women in the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of the University of Athens is multidisciplinary. Their status is investigated within the general conditions that govern the academic institution and “micro-cosmography”; competitions and rivalries, scientific controversy, multi-hierarchical relationships and the accumulation of power. The general consensus is that the contribution of women the scientific achievements is related to issues of the social and political context within which these achievements are made, as well as to social relationships that develop within the scientific community. The aim of this article is to contribute the refinement of the methods that govern the formation of scientific culture and practices and, thus, define the identity and the development of scientific sub-fields at the University of Athens.


Επιστήμη, Φύλο, Εργαστήρια, Γυναίκες Καθηγήτριες-Υφηγήτριες, Πανεπιστήμιο Αθηνών


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