The Urgencies for Educators in the Society of Knowledge and Globalization in the Context of Dialogue Between China and Italy

Sandra Chistolini


This paper analyses the triangle of progressive interactions among knowledge-education-innovation and considers the relationship between societies of knowledge and globalisation, within the framework of the contradictory effects of today’s affluence. In presenting these topics, education based on values is assumed as a general interpretive setting. It addresses the urgency of assigning new relevance to teaching in order to achieve a better community life. The philosophical and universalist foundations of education are constantly being overturned by phenomenological reality. It thus becomes necessary to ensure a positive communication between knowledge and experience as an epistemology of the continuity of theory and practice. The capacity to build an honest and flexible dialogue is an indispensable prerequisite for the rectification of social contradictions. Educators are crucial for the creation of the existential space where the individual is the centre of both human development and social progress. The University Zhejiang in Hangzhou offers a unique opportunity to create intellectual bridges between China and Italy enabling a mutual understanding of both cultures, allowing new generations global access to a store of the best resources. In this sense, learning overcomes national boundaries, opening new frontiers to knowledge.


Society of knowledge, globalization, educators, higher education; democracy

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