Modern Greek Studies at the University of Granada(full text in Greek)

Moschos Morfakidis-Fylaktos


After presenting a brief outline of the history of modern Greek Studies in Spain, the paper focuses on the teaching of Modern Greek language and culture at the University of Granada, at undergraduate and postgraduate level. The full implementation of the Bologna protocol in 2010 resulted in a new landscape concerning Modern Greek studies in Granada as a teaching subject in tertiary education, as well as a research branch in the doctoral programme Lenguas, Textos y Contextos. The Centre of Byzantine, Modern Greek and Cypriot Studies, founded in 2000, also contributes significantly to the promotion of Modern Greek studies by providing educational facilities, implementing research projects, arranging lectures, hosting scientific meetings, developing rich publishing activity, organizing exhibitionsand concerts, etc. The University of Granada has thus become a benchmark as far as Modern Greek studies in the Spanish-speaking world are concerned, although rational policy-making is necessary for the sustainability of the subject, as for all “weak” languages in the European University education system.


Modern Greek studies, University of Granada

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