Modern Greek studies at the University of Strasbourg: vision and policy (full text in French)

Irini Tsamadou-Jacoberger, Maria Zerva


This paper offers an overview of the activities of the Department of Modern Greek Studies at the University of Strasbourg. It recounts the history of studies in Modern Greek since the beginning of the 20th century, and the work of Albert Thumb, and focuses on the department’s teaching, research and cultural activities. The educational provision of the department has been constantly developing since its creation in the 1960s. It is possible to obtain a complete University qualification in Modern Greek Studies (Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s and Phd), as well as to combine the study of Modern Greek with one or two other languages (Bachelor’s in two languages LEA or Bachelor’s in three Languages Langues et interculturalité). Furthermore, research constitutes an essential part of the team’s work: PhD preparation, collaboration on international projects, the publication of books and papers presentations at scientific congresses, organisation of conferences, and hosting invited professors and researchers. Besides the facilities provided by the university’s library network in Strasbourg and in the surrounding region of Upper Rhine (Eucor), the department has its own library with some 8400 books, including the Parisian personal library of Constantine Th. Dimaras, a collection donated to the department by his family in 2014, as well as the Linguistics collection of Yvon Tarabout, Professor at INALCO (Paris). Finally, the department collaborates with the cultural authorities of the city of Strasbourg in order to spread Modern Greek culture beyond the University. Thus, despite the difficulties due to the context, Modern Greek Studies are granted both a high profile and longevity in the University of Strasbourg, in the surrounding region, as well as in France and beyond.


Modern Greek studies, Strasbourg, Education. Research

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