Guidelines and educational interventions for optimal use of Over The Counter medicines: information, training, university education (full text in Greek)

Apostolos Kamekis, Christos Lionis, Maria Papadakaki, Elena Pitelos, Nikos Papadakis


During the last years the use of OTCs (Over The Counter medicines) has been raised at European and national level. The negative effects of their inappropriate use have an impact on both the population’s health and the economy of an area (through pharmaceutical spending). This scientific article presents the main findings of a European study which was conducted in order to evaluate the extent of irrational prescription and inappropriate use of OTCs in selected European countries (OTC SOCIOMED, ​​http: // It aims to contribute to good practices on raising the awareness among the relevant public, including health care professionals and academics, while highlighting the importance of lifelong learning (doctors, patients, pharmacists) to policy makers, local authorities and society in general.


OTC (Over the counter medicines), comparative analysis, health care professionals, lifelong learning

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