The Professor in the University of Athens during 19th century. An autobiography-texts’ approach (full text in Greek)

Alexandra Lytra


This article is an attempt, to bring out the relationship between the 19th century University and various social institutions, through the study of Academics’ memoirs during that century. At first, a short reference is made to this particular historical period, to determine the historical background in which the Academic Community acted. Next, the definition of 19th century memoir, as a literary text genre is determined, aiming to distinguish it from other biographical works. Secondly, a search is presented, about the connection of memoir writers and Academics, Alexandros Rizos Ragkavis, Spyridon Pilikas and Nikolaos Saripolos, with politics, the political system (Monarchy), their Fatherland, Religion, Society, and also with individual institutions and human relationships. The connection of the aforementioned Academics, with all the above, will inevitably bring to view their relationship with the University. Finally, conclusions are drawn, about the total action and their contribution to the University.


Academics of 19th century, memoirs, university of 19th century, Ragkavis, Pilikas, Saripolos

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