The role of the University: Stress and Students (full text in Greek)

Χρυσούλα Ρέτση


A large part of the population, including students, face problems e.g. anxiety, stress, which affect well-being and thus learning outcomes. In addition to knowledge, the University also aims to develop competencies/skills that are necessary in preparing students for life. Therefore, in this study the aim was to investigate the stress/anxiety experienced by students and whether they know/feel that the university helps them to manage it. Data was collected through semi-structured interviews with three students, two females and one male, aged 24-26 years. This was followed by systematic coding and analysis of the data based on the transcribed interviews. The results revealed that these students a) feel neglect, loneliness, fear, insecurity b) do not consider that psychological support structures can meet their needs and c) do not seem to know the ways of coping with stress/stress. In conclusion, interviewees identify and report stress/stress in their student life without, however, being able to cope with it in the university setting. Therefore, the university has a duty to care for the health of students to the extent that stress and anxiety cause both short and long term effects in their lives.


Students, Anxiety, Stress, University

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