Healthy Universities in the Post-Truth era (full text in Greek)

Maria Frounta, Victoria Konidari, Victoria Rafailidou, Kyriaki Sidiropoulou


The information available in the media and networking platforms is diverse, making it challenging to distinguish between truth and misinformation, particularly concerning health issues. Therefore, it has become crucial to develop new forms of education to address this issue. This article aims to explore the concept of post-truth in health and the potential role of universities in combating it. After reviewing the existing literature in Greece and internationally, the article discusses the concept of post-truth and its relevance to health. It also highlights the significance of health promotion and education, including health literacy, in reducing the risk of public and individual health from post-truth phenomena. The article concludes with some amazing findings which suggest, that a holistic approach to health through a Healthy University, could turn individuals into critical thinkers and empower them with knowledge and skills necessary to identify misinformation and make informed health decisions.


Post-truth; Healthy University; Health Promotion - Health Education; Health Literacy.

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