Dispositif de Pédagogie de Projet : intervention/insertion. De nouvelles frontières pour la construction de l’acteur social Le politique, l’institutionnel et le pédagogique intimement imbriqués (full text in French)

Annie Couëdel


This text presents and analyses the different stages which finally led up to the construction of the Project–based Learning Dispositif: social intervention/insertion. Upstream, it describes the place (Vincennes University experimental center) and the socio political context from which, if not thanks to which, it was gradually built. Emphasis is placed on the relationship between the institutional context and its actors as well as the interferences between the institution and the political context of the time. Downhill, the text has a more personal tone, for its author was one of the protagonists of this global experience (in the sense where the pedagogical, social and political are interconnected) which took place over three decades. The text insists on the central role that the foreign as well as the French students have played. Although the objective of this text is primarily the description of an experience in real life and the process which led to its construction, it doesn’t leave aside the theoretical currents with which the author is in keeping: the socio-constructivist theories of learning by Vygotski and Bruner, the sociology of language by Bourdieu, the liberating pedagogical trends (Freire).


Teacher Training; Training System; Didactics; Pedagogy

DOI: https://doi.org/10.26220/aca.2076

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