Access to the Greek University

Andreas Vassilopoulos


In this paper, the issue of access to HEIs is treated from a different perspective. We describe it from the point of view of the Higher Education Institutions referring, particularly, to the Greek University. We lay emphasis on three elements, which seem to be threaded together into the concept of access: level, selection processes, population. Therefore, in the course of this study, we have set out to examine the scope as well as the means used for the implementation of policies regarding access to HEIs, in the context of Greece’s participation in the EU. Furthermore, we have attempted to identify the potential points of access in the Greek University and highlight the Greek singularities in this matter. Finally, we are interested in exploring the impact of access policies, or at least, in the context of this paper, the levels, the loci of that impact in the Greek University.


Greece, University, Selection Process, Europeanisation, Access Policy


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