Governance, Sustainability and HRD at the Regional Level: The Case of the University Training Programme for Local Government Executives in the Region of Crete

Nikos Papadakis, Maria Drakaki, Stylianos Ioannis Tzagkarakis, Apostolos Kamekis, Dimitrios Kotroyannos, Pella Calogiannakis, Kostas A. Lavdas


The paper deals with the Training Programme for Local Government Executives in the Region of Crete, which was designed and implemented based on the findings of the qualitative research-needs assessment, carried out within the framework of the Research Project entitled “Governance, Sustainability and Regional Innovation” (KA 4289) in the Region of Crete. The project was carried out by the Centre of Political Research & Documentation (KEPET) and the Centre for Human Rights (KEADIK) of the Department of Political Science of the University of Crete, while it was entirely funded by the Region of Crete. In particular, the first part provides a brief analysis of the theoretical dimensions concerning the relation between governance, sustainability and regional development, with particular regard to the role of training-reskilling in the development of Local Government Human Resources. This is followed by a focus on the methodological strategy used for implementing the field study conducted as part of the Project, emphasizing on the primary qualitative research-needs assessment and its key research findings, based on which the Project’s Training Programme was designed and implemented. Then, the framework, the methodology and the teaching modules of the Training Programme are presented and analyzed, as they were designed and implemented based on the Project’s qualitative-research findings.


Regional Governance; Sustainability; Needs Assessment; Training; Human Resource Development; Region of Crete.

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