Les étudiants et la relation à l’apprendre à l’Université

Saeed Paivandi, Anaelle Milon


The university is a crucial moment in the construction of a complex and plural type of learning, conceived according to the articulation of different knowledge and their subsequent mobilization in real situations. Upon entering university, the student faces the challenges of university learning, the development of another way of learning, greater intellectual autonomy, and a new relationship to knowledge. It is for this reason that international research on students has largely focused on the different conceptions of learning and the quality of learning. The distinction between the different relationships in the students' learning is essentially due to the meaning given to academic work, its meaning and the way in which they are mobilized around the study activities. The text attempts to present the most important lines of research developed on the act of learning at the university. The authors also examine the effects of academic and social integration and students' perceptions of the pedagogical context on the meaning of learning at university.


Learning perspectives, quality of learning, students, academic integration, social integration, pedagogical context

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26220/aca.3269

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