Research in University Students: Real Needs for the Implementation of a Formative Research Program

Ronald M. Hernández, Mauro Marino-Jiménez, Yenny Rivero Forton, Norma Sánchez


Research is an important part of professional education, development and improvement, whose results are observed in the socioeconomic development of a country. This is evidenced in the investment of resources made by developed countries to carry out this activity and the increase of their knowledge production. However, this situation is not the same in Latin America. Although the current legal framework recognizes the importance of research, its implementation process is still emerging. This encourages higher education centers to look for strategies to improve students’ research skills during undergraduate and postgraduate studies. This study is aimed at making a diagnosis of the research awareness of the entrants to a private university in Lima as a starting point for the implementation of a future formative research program. Data were obtained from a 22 item Likert-type questionnaire with scores based on a 5-point scale applied to a sample of 193 selected students. Among the main findings, we identified a difference between the high interest in research and the low level of knowledge about its practice. Subtler results could be obtained by observing generational aspects (greater interest is expressed among younger ones) and the familiarity of Social Sciences and Humanities students with tools related to scientific writing.


Research; University; Research Organization; Innovation; Model.

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