The concept of the Social Dimension of Higher Education as it appears in the Bologna Process from 1999 to 2019 (full text in Greek)

Andriana Ioannidi


The present study examines the concept of "Social Dimension", as presented in the Bologna Process from 1999 to 2019. At first, the content of this term is studied and then it is examined whether and to what extent Social Dimension is implemented. The main conclusions provided by the Joint Announcements of the meeting of European Ministers and other formal texts referring to the Bologna Process, are that in the context of Social Dimension several concepts are involved. Those concepts include mobility, access to Higher Education, equality, lifelong learning, studying conditions and student’s personal development, which are analyzed individually. Furthermore, it appears that the Social Dimension of Higher Education was firstly introduced in the Bologna Process as a general term and throughout the duration of the meeting in the context of the Bologna Process and the Seminars which were conducted, it was associated with different concepts and its content referred to more specialized matters. Finally, it is concluded that Social Dimension is not a priority in the agenda of the Bologna Process, due to inaccuracies in its own definition and other weaknesses of the state members that take part in the Bologna Process. 


Social Dimension, Higher Education, Bologna Process

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