The Praxis of Writing Strategies for Scholarly Publications in Higher Education: Indonesian EFL Lecturers’ Voices

Anselmus Sudirman, Adria Vitalya Gemilang, Thadius Marhendra Adi Kristanto


Writing strategies for scholarly publications in higher education have been essential to improving the quality of scientific articles. This research aims (1) to describe writing strategies that Indonesian EFL lecturers use when writing for scholarly publications and (2) to find out the implications of the writing strategies for their scholarly publications in higher education. This qualitative research primarily involved Indonesian EFL lecturers (N = 20) in three higher education institutions. The research instrument used to obtain the data was open and in-depth interviews. The data were broken down into broader ideas of distinct topics or themes using a qualitative research framework, which were then analyzed by sorting and evaluating code categories of narratives during the analytical processes. The finding showed that EFL lecturers play critical roles in developing writing strategies, devising scholarly publication ideas, submitting and publishing new articles, and inspiring the world through academic publications. Furthermore, selecting appropriate writing styles implies that developing self-inquiry skills, writing drafts, editing, and submitting scientific articles require the development of reflection abilities, all of which have been under-explored in recent studies of the same field in higher education EFL contexts. 


Writing for publications, writing knowledge, scientific publications, publication productivity

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