The Influence of Physical Activity on Student Satisfaction

Martina Lončar, Luka Pongračić, Aleksandra Tonković


Regular physical activity can raise personal energy levels and improve mood, which is important for achieving overall health, physical but also mental health. For overall health, it is essential to establish a link between individual aspects of mental health and physical activity. The paper includes the basic theses about the importance of physical activities (sport, exercises, walking, etc.) for students’ health, i.e. the influence of exercising on the physical and mental health of each individual. The main research goal was to examine the connection between physical activity and the subjective feeling of satisfaction. As part of the empirical research, an anonymous survey was conducted among 226 students from Croatia belonging to different study groups. The research indicated the correlations between the examined variables and showed that engaging in physical activities in different ways is extremely important for human health. Participants engaged in activities of high and moderate intensity show the highest positive correlation with satisfaction.


Health, physical activity, satisfaction, students

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