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Established by the Higher Education Policy Network (, ACADEMIA is an international peer-reviewed, refereed e-journal publishing articles and book reviews that represent the whole field of Higher Education.

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ACADEMIA is a forum for researchers, educators, administrators, students and policy makers interested in theory, practices, research and policy across the whole field of Higher Education.

ACADEMIA is an interdisciplinary journal which welcomes contributions focusing on Higher Education from a sociological, political, philosophical, historical, pedagogical, educational and administrative point of view. International and comparative approaches, new ways of interpreting Higher Education, are also welcomed.

ACADEMIA is published in three languages. Articles should be written in English, French or Greek. All articles undergo rigorous peer review, based on initial editor screening, and anonymous refereeing by at least two expert referees. No more than one of these referees is a member of the Journal’s editorial board. ACADEMIA publishes a general issue annually and thematic issues during the year.

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Announcement regarding Article Processing Fees


The online review Academia, since 2011, has made significant efforts to remain accessible, open to all and of high quality. As a result, it is now indexed by the main review databases such as Scopus, HCÉRES, ERIHplus, DOAJ and EBSCO.

However, in order to operate it has a number of costs which require funding. Unfortunately, to date, no funder has been found to ensure Academia's operating needs.

Thus, a fee policy was decided upon which it is hoped, on the one hand, would not exclude anyone and, on the other hand, would cover the operational needs of the review. The fee policy to be applied to all articles submitted from 1/4/2022.

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No 35-36 (2024)

In a world marked by persistent and evolving conflicts, the intersection of war and education assumes supreme importance. The war implications on the access to a quality education have far-reaching effects, impacting students, educators, and communities. 

We are pleased to bring to your attention a special issue entitled «War, Education, and Development: Pedagogical Responses to Contemporary Challenges». This special issue of "Academia" focuses on the pressing issues surrounding the access to a quality education during times of war. The emphasis is made on the pivotal role of universities and pedagogical approaches in conflict resolution and societal progress amidst exceptional circumstances.

Table of Contents




Pavlo Ivanchov, Oleg Povch, Victor Sydorenko, Anton Kurbanov, Segii Lobodae
Liliia Martynets, Alona Shyba, Iryna Kochetkova, Krystyna Krupiei, Anatolii Rud
Kateryna Kruty, Larysa Zdanevych, Iryna Desnova, Olena Blashkova, Mariia Zameliuk
Olha Yuryk, Oleksandr Zlobin, Olha Vainahii, Olga Fedosieieva, Oleksiy Shaulko
Oleg Sheremet, Oleksandr Chornyi, Tetiana Pshenychna, Yaroslav Sheremet, Denys Domotskyi
Оlena Verzhihovska, Maryna Lysyniuk, Oksana Voznyuk, Tetiana Korzhova, Marina Barbash
Oksana Kudria, Bohdan Skovronskyi, Oksana Marushchak, Nataliia Honcharova, Volodymyr Sipii
Nadiya Ivanenko, Kateryna Varyvoda, Liubov Halukha, Kateryna Petrovska, Anastasiia Turgenieva
Yaroslav Kichuk, Olena Biliuk, Oleksandr Kapinus, Svitlana Fedenko, Petro Livak
Kateryna Voloshchuk, Hrygorii Nekrasov, Natalia Samsutina, Vadym Samoilenko, Olha Anastasova