Educational leadership : its role as a factor in promoting reforms in higher education (full text in Greek)

Efstathios Balias, Georgios Bestias


Universities play a key role in higher education in the fields of learning, production of new knowledge, innovation, economy and satisfaction of social needs. The administration of the university, the way it is exercised, the objectives and the degree to which it promotes their implementation are critical factors in the success of universities. The theories of university leadership developed in recent years emphasize effectiveness of academic institutions through the development of communication, organizational culture and the involvement of members of the university community in university administration. Many reformers believe that the effectiveness of university leadership is the key to the adaptation of universities in a changing world and therefore to the reforms necessary to achieve their objectives. But the effectiveness of leadership in universities is intertwined with a leadership that is not limited to creating better organizational structures, but must also promote change through consensus and the interaction of all factors in the university community. The article will examine the various forms of educational leadership encountered in educational institutions and especially transformational leadership which in the field of higher education is a means of encouraging democratic - consensual practices effectively. In addition, we will refer to the role of academic leaders and how they contribute to the effective functioning of an educational organization with simultaneous application of a democratic form of leadership and the characteristics it should have in order to achieve its objectives.


Educational leadership, transformational leadership, effectiveness, democratic leader-ship


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