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Vol 4, No 1 (2014) Reforms and counter-reforms in Greek universities (1974-2014): Connecting policy with social dynamics (full text in Greek) Abstract   PDF (ελληνικά)   HTML (ελληνικά)   PDF   HTML   PDF (Français (Canada))   HTML (Français (Canada))
Dionyssis Kladis
No 19 (2020) Relationship with knowledge and gender: a typology of successful behaviors at school based on the characters of J. K. Rowling Abstract   PDF
Adriana Marrero
No 20-21 (2020) Research in University Students: Real Needs for the Implementation of a Formative Research Program Abstract   PDF
Ronald M. Hernández, Mauro Marino-Jiménez, Yenny Rivero Forton, Norma Sánchez
No 20-21 (2020) Resilience through Hybridization: The Development of Higher Education in the Sultanate of Oman Abstract   PDF
Francesco Bigagli
No 23-24 (2021) Roma access to higher education according to the official texts of the Council of Europe Abstract   PDF
Hara Adamopoulou
No 23-24 (2021) Selecting Democracy Indicators for the modern University Abstract   PDF
Vaia Papanikolaou, Yiannis Roussakis, Panagiotis Tzionas
No 16-17 (2019) Semiotic knowledge brokering: An additional language for understanding policy convergence in the European Education Policy Space Abstract   PDF
Victoria Konidari
No 20-21 (2020) Service-learning in Indonesia: The benefits of developing students’ characters in higher education Abstract   PDF
Luisa Diana Handoyo, Paidi Suparno, Paulus Suparno
Vol 4, No 1 (2014) Silvia Federici, Caliban and the Witch: Women, the Body and Primitive Accumulation (full text in Greek) Details   PDF   PDF (ελληνικά)   HTML   HTML (ελληνικά)   PDF (Français (Canada))   HTML (Français (Canada))
Georgios Aggelopoulos
No 11 (2018) Social networks: a tool for the analysis and interpretation of educational policy (full text in Greek) Abstract   PDF
Aggelos Kavasakalis
No 23-24 (2021) Socioeconomic profile and study choice. The case of university students in Greece Abstract   PDF
Fotini Anastasiadou, Argyris Kyridis, Christos D. Tourtouras, Christos Zagkos, Eleni Pehlivanos
Vol 3, No 1 (2013) Steve Woolgar: Science: The Very Idea (full text in Greek) Details   PDF (ελληνικά)   PDF   PDF (Français (Canada))   HTML (ελληνικά)   HTML   HTML (Français (Canada))
Georgios Angelopoulos
Vol 3, No 1 (2013) Strategic Management in Greek Higher Education: Management of change (full text in Greek) Abstract   PDF (ελληνικά)   PDF   PDF (Français (Canada))   HTML   HTML (Français (Canada))   HTML (ελληνικά)
Olga Gianzina-Kassotaki, Ioannis Kassotakis
No 23-24 (2021) Stress among University Staff. Is Working in Suburban Campus Better? Abstract   PDF
Razali Salmi, Mat Nazali Mohd Izwan, Hashim Nurul Azreen, Mohd Nawawi Hapizah
No 6 (2016) Student Engagement in Higher Education: Participation in Greek Student Elections (full text in Greek) Abstract   PDF (ελληνικά)   PDF   HTML (ελληνικά)   HTML
Yiouli Papadiamantaki, George Fragoulis, Elena Soroliou
No 12 (2018) Student social support policies in Europe: Social justice and higher education (full text in Greek) Abstract   PDF (ελληνικά)   PDF
Anna Kagaraki
No 16-17 (2019) Students and HIV/AIDS: Exploring the situation in Greek higher education (full text in Greek) Abstract   PDF
Maria Frounta, Eleni Michalopoulou, Antigoni Michalopoulou, Vassiliki Dimopoulou
No 9 (2017): Higher Education, Citizenship and Democracy: a work in progress Students are citizens Abstract   PDF
Wolfgang Berg
No 15 (2019) Study Programmes in the Educational Centres for Training & Life-Long Learning, of the University of Patras and the University of Aegean (full text in Greek) Abstract   PDF
Barbara Papazafiriou
No 22 (2021): The role of Educational Sciences in the Initial Teachers’ Education in Europe Synergies between educational science research and teacher training: An illustration of research as supporting training of future primary school teachers Abstract   PDF
Catherine Van Nieuwenhoven, Louise Leroux, Stéphane Colognesi
No 22 (2021): The role of Educational Sciences in the Initial Teachers’ Education in Europe Teachers' Professional Core Competencies. Pedagogy and Educational Science in Swedish Teacher Education Abstract   PDF
Petros Gougoulakis
No 13 (2018) Teaching Greek language and culture at the University of Rio de Janeiro (full text in Greek) Abstract   PDF
Fernanda Lemos de Lima
No 20-21 (2020) Teaching in distance education. The role of the Teacher (full text in Greek) Abstract   PDF
Pavlos Papalamprakopoulos
No 20-21 (2020) Teaching in Tertiary Education - A reflective and experiential approach to University Pedagogy Abstract   PDF
Petros Gougoulakis, Katerina Kedraka, Andreas Oikonomou, Panagiotes Anastasiades
Vol 3, No 1 (2013) Techno-Euphoria as a Visa for Neoliberal/Neoconservative Capitalism’s Invasion of Academia: The Case of Digital Measures Abstract   PDF   PDF (Français (Canada))   PDF (ελληνικά)   HTML   HTML (Français (Canada))   HTML (ελληνικά)
Myriam Torres, Marisol Ruiz
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